So, I went to Preakness yesterday. My dad is a carpenter for the Maryland Jockey Club so he gets free infield tickets. Honestly, the fact that they didn’t let people bring in their own alcohol this year kind of ruined the whole thing. I don’t drink so that wasn’t really the issue, it was just that no one showed up… well, compared to previous years. It was kind of a let down. Hopefully next year will be better. God knows Pimlico needs the business. I’d rather be in the stands though. Yeah I’d have to rub elbows with some raised pinky fingers, but I can deal with that if it means I get to be in the middle of a roaring crowd during the race. All in all it wasn’t so bad, Rumi and I decided that next time we’re going to be dressed up in the stands though.

prepreak prea

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Patty said...

I think I put my post in the wrong place. Oh well, you will find it.

I shot an assignment for the newspaper on Saturday, and I thought about you. It was an AmeriCorps program.

How is it going?

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