When I got home this morning
My street was blocked by two police cars
Then, a few hours later, by a fire truck and ambulance
I had to park a block over and walk home
I didn’t see it as an inconvenience at the time but I wasn’t exactly thrilled
I guess you could say I’m thankful now though

It had started getting dark and my street was finally cleared
So I decided to move my car back in front of my house
But first I had to go to the post office
Had my street been clear when I first got home
I would have taken my usual route
But seeing as I was on another block I went a different way

It was as if I had driven into another dimension
It’s amazing how different something seems
By just driving the opposite direction
Where was I?
I didn’t know this city
I thought it looked beautiful though
A place I’d like to live
Sure I like my neighborhood
I love it
But it’s the kind of love that no matter how eternally deep 
It has lost it’s shine, it’s sparkle, it’s excitement, it’s butterflies

I love those moments when you see something differently
It’s like you’re seeing it for the first time
And, if only for a second, it gets it’s shine back
I love those moments when you see people differently too
When they show you a side of them you’d never expect
It’s like they remove a mask
And you see them as a new person
And you have a deeper respect and love for them
When you’re that much closer to loving every inch of them
Isn’t that what everyone wants?
Be it romantic or not
To love someone for every inch of who they are?
Whether it be shocking
Peaceful or
And for someone to love us just the same?


Anonymous said...

touching points...

deep connections to those we do not know...

i love the mystical side of life.... love your blog - will be back

Bill Doetzer said...

I see this kid at school who's vision is impaired. I have no idea who he is but I usually see him three times a week in between one class or another. Out of all the people that I pass and forget or don't care about I always think about his situation when I see him. I think about how all of my problems are nothing compared to his disability, what i would do if I were in his shoes. I wish i could do something for him or get to know him. Maybe even just hold the door.

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