Friday was an exciting day. Here’s the short version of what went down… There were more than 20 police officers and SWAT team members at my house and our rental house next door, with their shields and guns pointed at every window, inching their way up to the rental house door. They knocked down the door and ran in screaming. Apparently the whole time this was going on they had people on the roof of a Best Western a block away with binoculars checking the place out. After they raided the place and realized nothing was wrong they checked my house. They informed me that someone had reported a hostage situation. It seems that my dad found my mom in bed with another man and threatened to kill them both at gun point. That's extra weird since they were both at work when this happened. So once they realized my parents weren’t home they thought I was the hostage wife. “Uh, not that I know of?” 


Patty said...

Wow. Sounds like you had an exciting weekend. The Swat Team? What a hoot! I guess it sounds funny now, but I am sure it was not funny when it happened.

Great shots of you and friends.

Bill Doetzer said...

Even if you were a hostage I'm pretty sure that you could get out of there without the help of some swat team. I mean seriously you are Casey...don't they know that?

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