I wish you could be here, feeling as I do tonight
I’m sure you have similar situations and similar places
That make you feel the way I do now
But it’s nice to share moments like these with other people
And know they understand your happiness

015 Stitch

It's around 2am
I’m sitting on my bed,
By the window
It’s open
It finally feels like spring
It sounds like spring
My neighbors are out on their porches
I can hear some of them talking
I cup my ear to listen in but there’s too much going on around us
And I can’t make anything out
A woman from the bar yells goodbye to her friends as she drives off
Someone yells something causing her to laugh
Her car races down the street
In the distance an ambulance screams as it pulls out of the fire station
Dogs bark while people walk along the sidewalk
The highway gives off a dull hum
As tractor trailers speed by to make their shipment on time
I can hear some street bikes racing on the highway as well
A stray cat cries below my window
I swear it sounds like it’s dying but I hear it every night
Just then a taxi pulls up to the corner and beeps
The bar’s emptying out
And loud motors shake the house as they drive by
The breeze is kind of cold
I pull my comforter close
And wish I could be out there watching and listening first hand
But the view from my window is a close second


Patty said...

Love the poem. Really descriptive, and a nice photo to boot!

You pulled the reader/viewer right into your world

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What a beautiful and talented writer you are :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Bill Doetzer said...

i miss the sounds of south east Baltimore :(

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