I was watching 'Leave It To Beaver' earlier
When my dad called
He had locked his keys in his truck
And needed me to bring him a spare
He was a street over
Working in our row-home
Getting it ready for the new renters
I found his keys
And was tempted to grab mine as well
I'm so used to driving everywhere
But I looked out the window
The sun convinced me and I figured I'd walk
It's just around the corner right?
How lazy would that be if I drove?
I haven't taken a walk in my neighborhood for at least two years
That's sad isn't it?
It was nice
It wasn't a long walk
But it was invigorating
Pronunciation: \in-ˈvi-gə-ˌrāt\
: to give LIFE and ENERGY to
As I walked out the front gate
And walked along the sidewalk
Slowly turning my head to look for cars
It struck me and half amazed me that such a small thing
As how I cross the street
Can make me all sad and nostalgic
By the way Billa,
I almost walked out into a car
But I thought about our conversation
And I'll attribute that to me not getting run over today,
So thanks
As I walked through the alley
I passed row-homes that I've spent
Almost as much time in as my own home
Now I hardly see the people that live in them
Let alone spend time with them like I used to
When I reached the row-home
I sat on the ledge of the yard on the other side of the alley
The yard that used to belong to my uncle, aunt and three cousins
What happened!?
I still feel like it's our yard
I dropped the keys off and, truthfully,
My dad asked me to but
I didn't really want to stick around
I wasn't really in the mood to reminisce
Walking back home I saw Mr. Amig
He's one of those old sailor dudes
With anchor and stripper tattoos covering his arms
He's a family friend that goes back to when
My dad was growing up in this neighborhood
I regret not saying hi
He looked busy
That was my excuse
I know he would've liked to see me though
I turned back onto my street
Deliberately walking in the middle of the road
Convinced that I'd do this more often
Because minus the old memories it was fun
I hope I do take another walk soon
Even if it is just around the corner
The weather's been nice enough to


Patty said...

It made me sad when you said you had wished you had said hello to the old sailor dude.

I, too, have had those small moments that I let slip away.

Thanks for a thoughtful poem. Take your camera next time. That would be nice.

Bill Doetzer said...

I feel the same way when I walk around my old neighborhood. I remember sitting out on summer evenings, playing games with child hood friends, and listening to stories from older neighbors. Some times I feel like my neighborhood is just haunted by souls who thought that time stood still. Either way it was a cool blog. I'm stoked that I got a shout out and that you didn't get run over!

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