As some of you may know
I made a post not long ago
About my friend’s mom who had suffered from a severe stroke
I’m glad to say I visited her yesterday
It was like nothing had changed
She’s home
And still her spunky, stubborn, funny, adorable self
There’s not many people I love more than her
We’re lucky to have her 
She’s a miracle in every sense of the word
So thanks to all of you who kept her in your prayers or thoughts
I truly appreciate it 
I know her family appreciates it
And I have a feeling she does as well ;)





(I love you Little Deta)


Patty said...

That is super good news. What great friends you two are!

Love the photo!

emmapeelDallas said...

I am SO happy to hear this! And thanks for posting the update; I think the first post I ever read on your blog was the post about your friend's mom, and I was very touched by it.

Bill Doetzer said...

thats awesome... I notice how you tower above your buddy in the picture

alphawoman said...

Wonderful photo and wonderful news.

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