Okay, so I realized something today…
And it wasn’t one of those “Eureka!” light bulb moments
It was more like the heating of a toaster
”Hmm, yeah that makes sense… Wait… Yeah.”

You want to know what I realized?

You don’t think the same way I think
or the same way he thinks
or she thinks
or your neighbor’s dog thinks

Shocking, I know.

Maybe that’s common knowledge,
but I don’t use that knowledge as often as I’d like

When I think, I really think
Every little detail of my world is analyzed
Should I have put that period after “Shocking, I know”?
No… Yes… No… Yes, because it adds to my tone
I’m sure I’ll read over this ten times before I hit ‘publish’
And once it’s final, it’s not final
I’ll change it five more times

Have I ever sent you a text?
That’s probably been edited a couple times too

…Back to my point
Just because every detail of my world has been thought out
And is there for a specific reason
Doesn’t mean your world is the same

When you mention that and not this
Reply later and not sooner
Say this and not that
I shouldn’t
Calculate or
Because maybe you just meant exactly what you said

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