How do you write about these days without sounding sad?
Without sounding whiny?

I don’t know how long it’s been raining
Early AM, soaked people walk to work
Their faces hidden beneath the shadow of an umbrella
And those running without umbrellas cover their faces anyway
Men in bright raincoats work on power lines 

Wind whips through the cracks and cracks trees
It’s so loud, so powerful; the cabinets in my room squeak and sway
Some cars whip around corners and skid
A steady stream of sirens echoes off every wall

I love these days; they’re so beautiful, emotional,
I don’t want to spend them alone
That’s why I whine
It seems every life outside my window is connected
Like they all see the relationship with those they pass

I open the window to not feel so left out











Can you smell the rain too?

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