It's a bad day...
I broke rule #1 of girl'dom
I cut my bangs
I know! I know!
What was I thinking?
I was bored, waiting for a call, drying my hair
And it hit me
Hey, I miss my bangs
Fun! I'll cut them!

My senior year,
When I was only taking three classes at Essex
Was filled with these same horrible thoughts
But they didn't stick to just bangs
So, every other day when I was bored
With no classes and no homework to keep myself busy
Out came the scissors
Those scissors turned me into something evil
They had a power over me
I couldn't control the urge to cut my hair
I have to say it wasn't so bad
I did a great job layering and often got compliments
But when you're trying to grow your hair out
Scissors are the enemy

My bangs aren't incredibly disasterous,
I'm rocking them quite well,
But I'm googling "how to cut your own bangs" anyways
Hopefully this will turn out well


Patty said...

"What was I thinking?" We all use those words too much, especially when it comes to our hair.

I, too, have lopped off my bangs more than once. I guess the only thing we learn from cutting our bangs off is that they do grow back. We just never learn to leave our hair alone, do we?

PaintaPicture said...

I didn't start cutting my hair until I was about 14 and then I quit it when I was 18, but I never did the dreaded bang. My whole life I have cut other peoples hair though, successfully.

But alas, I was present for the disaster bangs when my dear cousin got the urge (which was quite often) and it never turned out well. You cant stylize bangs when your 5.

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