I can describe yesterday morning
With only one word
(Most likely due to the weather)
When you're just getting used to the 20 degree torture,
If it's actually possible to get used to,
And you wake up to 60 degrees
It's a kind of torture in and of itself
-Knowing it won't last very long, I guess

I had opened the window in my room the night before
So that morning the birds were kind enough to wake me
-Before the obnoxious sound of my alarm
On a normal winter day I'd try to sleep a few minutes more
But it was obvious, by the smell drifting through my window,
That this was not winter
You know that smell of spring; I'm not sure what it is
And I'm still not sure if it's even a good smell
But it's that smell that makes you feel something,
Something you can't really describe
It's somethig that's familiar and comforting
And exciting and optimistic all at once

Well anyways,
I've been frequenting the Panera in Canton lately
It's one of those revamped warehouses
With brick walls and a view of the harbor
And that's perfect enough for me
But adding in perfect weather
Was almost too much to handle
That I couldn't help but smile when I walked out the door

So, Bob Marley and I made our way down Boston Street
I bought a bagel and he sang to me
While I enjoyed the company of strangers
Who didn't really feel like strangers at all


PaintaPicture said...

In love with strangers? Here ye, Here ye.

Patty said...

Bob Marley, revamped warehouses, sixty degrees--it all sounds so romantic.

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