I collect quotes...
I keep them all in a little orange journal.
It lays on my nightstand, next to my bed, so I can grab it quickly
to write something down, or if I need some inspiration;
But of all the quotes that I've fallen in love with
my favorite is one I heard from, my friend, Chae...
We were sitting in a restaurant and he said,
"It's weird how someone can be so amazed by you-
just being you.
Like me sitting here eating this burrito,
someone could look over here and just be like, Wow!"


Patty said...

We used to say things like that in the sixties. It all started in the late fifties in the coffee shops. People don't seem to care anymore. Talk is all superficial these days, something to fill in the empty air.

You have a good friend there. You want to keep friends like that!

PaintaPicture said...

I used to compulsively write down quotes. Now I don't anymore. I think the ones I really am inspired by I just don't forget. But really when I think about what has changed (because I really used to write them down A LOT and now hardly ever) I think it is that now more of my introspection about life is internal, and mindful. These days images and sights (including people watching), instead of quotes, make me wonder and inspire me. I don't know what the change was, well, I kind of do. But it is interesting to see how I went from having it always be something tangible, to being something elusive. Hmm. I will think about this more today.

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