I bought me a tuner for my uke and guitar tonight (for super cheap, thanks eBay). I have a tuner already, but it’s pretty lame and I’m pretty lame at tuning by ear. I’m still waiting on my payment to clear from selling a turntable. It’s like eBay is my job right now. I applied for a job at a hospital to be a patient transporter. The lady that cuts my dad’s hair told him about it. Her daughter is a transporter and she said she’d talk to her boss for me, cause God knows it’s more about who you know. Entry level hospital jobs are always like, “must have prior experience”; how am I supposed to have prior experience!? Well, you want to know the main reason I want this job, besides the main reasons people want jobs? I want to buy a kiln. A pottery wheel should be easy enough to make with Dad, but I can’t make my own kiln – No thanks to you, city burn laws. So, I’m crossing my fingers on the hospital (or as Faith would say, “I’m putting it out to the universe”); but until then I’ve been working on the shed and rental house with Dad. Saturday I painted and the week before that we ran electric into the shed and the week before that I painted the first coat and the week before that…
Mr. Bob across the alley wants me to paint something on his porch this weekend. Mr. Bob always pays well, so YES!
Well, I think I’ve rambled enough for the night. If we don’t speak until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving (okay, now this talk of Thanksgiving is making me want to write more– maybe we will talk soon). I’ll just leave you with this remix I found on a lomo site…


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