A couple weeks ago I volunteered with the Maryland Special Olympics for the Baltimore Running Festival.  This was my view by the end of the day.  Early that morning I helped with runner bag checks, but later someone came by asking if any of us would help with data entry.  That sounded horrible, but I was down for anything to help.  It turned out to be an awesome job.  There were six of us, each at our own laptop, under a tent for runner results.  The data entry part?  Typing in a couple numbers off each runner’s bib.  Then we printed them out this little sticker that had their times on it.  Everyone was so happy to see their results it was like I had personally changed their scores for them.  One after another, a never-ending line of friendly, hilarious[, sweaty] runners.  By the end of the day I felt like I had made hundreds of friends.  Special Olympics, you rock, I hope you raised tons of money!

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