I think I cut my bangs about ten times in the span of a day.
I was sick and got bored, okay?
Mom said I look European.
Dad hasn’t seen them yet; he’ll hate them.

Yes, I chopped these photos up a bit
    because I don’t want you to see my messy room in full effect.
  Maybe you’re the same way, but when I’m sick I get into everything
        And then I don’t have enough energy to put it all back.

I dressed up for a speech that I rocked today!
   And don’t hate on me for taking photos in the mirror
        Yeah, I know this isn’t MySpace
    …I had just come home from school
        …And was sending a photo to an Oakie
            *sigh* I don’t know why I feel I have to explain myself to you.


I was going for the 'Bettie Page look',
    But with my short hair, I think I got the Amelie look.

I don’t enjoy this growing my hair out phase.
   Please hurry up!

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Bill said...

Mom's jealous that you look better. I love the new look. It's pretty boss!

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