An Army Man, is visiting his family
They’re in the yard, across the alley
He’s loud
I like that
He’s happy
I watch him playing football with someone
A young boy
A son?
A Nephew?
He’s pretending to be the announcer
”He runs to the end zone aaaaand… He’s got it! Touchdown!”
”He runs to the end zone aaaaand… NO! They’re gonna fire his ass.”
A girl rides her small motorized car in circles 
She flies off a small ramp, made of OSB and a piece of wood
A woman yells from the back door if they want dessert
Of course they do
Just as quickly as I notice them, they’re gone
And just as quickly, dusk becomes night
It’s dark
It’s quiet
Except for neighbors I can’t see
And the laughter from downstairs

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