Okay I admit it, I was extremely bitter when the speaker on the erosion of Louisiana’s coast told her audience of volunteers that “Marylanders always brag about their crabs, but the majority of crabs in Maryland are shipped in from Louisiana, and they’re bigger”; bitter enough to not stay for the rest of her presentation- maybe I kind of regret that, seeing as coastal erosion is a serious problem; since the 1930’s Louisiana has lost more than a million acres of their coastline, the equivalent of a football field every half hour. Back to my bitterness though; after some research, I have a defense for Maryland…

“Maryland produces the more expensive, higher quality blue crab. Maryland's colder waters and estuaries produce a blue crab high in flavorful fat. Carolina blue crabs are considered second to Maryland while Louisiana provides options for price sensitive customers who like a larger crab.”
                                                                       Thank you, that is all.

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ginnylloyd said...

I love Maryland crabs and nothing, that's NOTHING, can replace them.

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