The Baltimore Skyline and Inner Harbor at Night I’m starting to think, that maybe Maryland has nothing left to offer me

Do you ever feel that way?
It’s that feeling where you know you’re in love with something,
   but it’s just not right, it’s off kilter, there’s an emptiness almost

I think there’s too much negativity associated
   with certain things back home

I need a fresh start

I need to begin somewhere else


Anonymous said...

it's good to see you writing again.

you don't know me. never will. even though i'm probably three decades older, there's something about your approach though that resonates with me.

keep living, keep writing. life is so beautiful.

jamilaalghamdi said...

yes...i think it would be better to find a better place afterall, nothing is permanent except change...hi! im jamila happy to read your blog...

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