Some friends and I went to the zoo in DC today. While I was in the restroom, I couldn’t help but hear a grandmother talking to her grandson in the stall next to mine…
“You’re not going to pee your pants are you? You better not pee your pants. You better not embarrass me. Don’t embarrass Grandma by peeing your pants. I’ll spank you if you embarrass me.”
Are you kidding me!? I’ve never been more tempted to punch a grandmother; okay that’s the first time I’ve ever wanted to punch a grandmother. Seriously? Who says that!? Embarrass you? He was like two years old!


And you shall lead... A life uncommon said...

2 year olds are made to embarrass. that's just how they roll. if you don't want to be embarrassed, don't have kids.

they are going to be awkward and yell things like penis and poopy. it just happens.

i hate geriatrics. old people are le suck.

i hope her kids and grandkids refuse to change her depends when she's incontinent.

Patty said...

I am 61 and I would never say that to a child. Most people learn as they age. Some people just get get angry and stupid.

When I was young I thought I knew everything, Now that I am old (in young people's terms, as least) I realize I don't know much at all. So I still have a lot of learning to do.

Of course, a lot of old people think they know it all. Now those are the once you want to knock some sense into.

"Bad granny!"

emmapeelDallas said...

I'm 59 and have two grandsons and I would never say that to them or any other child. But I doubt it's her age that has her talking like that; she was probably the same when she was young.

And re the first comment...my dear, unless you die young, you, too, shall be old some day.

Demetria said...

OMG so this is WHACK! I have a DC Zoo pee story too! Bryan, Leah and I went last monday to the zoo/smithsonian stuff. Well while we were walking up that giant hill trying to leave the zoo we look to our left and see this little kid maybe 3 or 4ish...more like 4ish...standing at one of the stands that has the zoo map on it and everything, with his pants around his ankles standing up against the rail and was peeing. All these people were standing around him like 'omg why would a parent let there kid do that'. There were to many people to tell if anyone near by was his actually parent. It was hilarious, he was just chillin there peein

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