Happy April Fool’s
Do people say “Happy April Fool’s”?

It’s my great grandmother’s birthday today
Don’t ask me how old she would have been
I can hardly remember how old I am most of the time
Sometimes I still tell people I’m 16

We called her Grandma Ann
She called me Tagger
She said I reminded her of herself
I always saw that as a huge compliment
She was one of those people who are full of life and energy and attitude

My mom and I would visit her as often as possible
She’d hand me a can of warm Diet Sprite with a straw floating out of it
And I can’t say that I find it completely appetizing, but it was her
She always had a bag of pennies for me too
I don’t think she meant to
But she taught me a lot about the value of a dollar
Or the value of a penny rather
I can’t tell you how much money I piled up from our visits
It was kind of an amazing thing as a little kid
I felt a bit guilty about it all
I still pick up change on the ground though Grandma Ann ;)

She passed away last year
It was one of those moments where you get the call
And you lean up against something for support
And just melt to the ground
Sit in shock
And then
Once it hits you
The tears start to flow
And you don’t really care who’s watching

I assumed she’d live forever

But unfortunately
Nothing lasts forever
Or so I’ve heard


Happy Birthday
Love you


Patty said...

Happy Birthday to all the Aunt Ann's out there. They taught us a lot.

Bill Doetzer said...

It's hard to no longer have somebody that special, but its easy to be thankful for the times you had together. I'm sure she's looking down on you smiling.

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