This weekend I went to Virginia
Cary had a water polo tournament
Melanie drove
I called shotgun
Jennie crammed in the back, with Roy and "Rocky",
As she kicked the car into neutral
And Cary got the trunk
I swear it took us 5 hours to get there

We stayed at Melanie's friend's apartment
I don't think his roommates liked us very much
We were locked out far too often

The second night her friend wasn't home
And the roommates were either
Fast asleep or laughing at us freezing in the snow
I've decided on the latter
I figured the only thing we could do
Was to show up at Melanie and Cary's friend Kevin's door and pout
How could he turn us away if we pout?
It worked

One of his roommates was away for the weekend
So Kevin slept in his bed
Melanie slept in Kevin's bed
Jennie, Cary, and "Freshman Steve" cuddled on a futon
And I slept on the couch downstairs
Or at least tried to
Little did I know that the living room
Heated up to a toasty -20 degrees
I shivered under my coat staring at the microwave clock all night
Hoping Kevin's other roommate wouldn't walk in
And think I was some homeless girl who wandered in
When I woke Melanie up that morning she pointed out
Roy's unused sleeping bag on the couch in front of me

The weekend was full of...
Rocky hanging out the car window
Rocky hanging out the sunroof on the highway
Rocky hanging out the car window and losing his hat
(Resulting in Melanie yelling at Jennie for no apparent reason;
Like only a soccer mom could do)
Speedos and the smell of chlorine in a snow storm
Hot wing eating contests
Car sing-a-longs
Trying to use the term "Dangly Bits" 10 times in a day
Middle school-type planning about crushes
Walking into random parties to chase after Rocky
Almost getting in an accident every 5 minutes

I learned…
That JMU has an amazing dining hall
That I can be embarrassingly blonde at times
That Rocky is always reading a magazine
That if Carmen San Diego and Where's Waldo had a kid
They'd never be able to find him
That sometimes people don't really appreciate
When I wake them up in the morning by singing Backstreet Boys
(And that this hour is Mel's and she's taking it)
That first impressions aren't always reliable;
Especially if your first impression is based on someone's drunk personality
That I know some pretty amazing people…
And I can think of 5 right now

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