After two failed attempts
I finally got a call from an AmeriCorps NCCC leader and
Had my phone interview, last Wednesday, for their fall session

One of my least favorite interview questions is
"So, tell me about yourself…"
Ahhh! What!? No. Be more specific!
Luckily her question was
"So, tell me about yourself. How did you hear about this program?"
Thank God; that I can answer
The rest of her questions were things like
"What does work ethic mean to you?"
"Why is diversity important?"
"What would be the hardest part of this program for you?"
"Do you have any experience working on a team?"
"How do you deal with conflict?"
"Why are you interested in working with us?"
"If there were only one more opening why would we pick you?"

I'm glad this was over the phone
I had written some possible questions with a
List of one word answers to keep myself on topic and
To not sound rehearsed
99% of the questions she asked were on my paper and
The rest of the interview was improv
I'm a great BS'er sometimes

Overall I think the interview went well
There were enough opportunities to talk about
Projects I've worked on and
Teams I've worked with

The only thing left do now is wait and see if
Anyone else was more qualified
I'll consider myself lucky if I get waitlisted
I'll be getting a letter within 2-3 weeks

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Bill Doetzer said...

Dilla, I know your going to get the job with AmeriCorps. You'll quickly become their most valued resource and then shortly afterwords your world domination will follow. YOU GOT THIS HOMEY!!!!

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