I’ve come to the conclusion
That Valentine’s Day is terribly misunderstood

This ought to be a holiday to include everyone
Not a holiday that is celebrated by couples
And mourned by single women gorging on desserts

Surely our love isn’t meant for just one person

The 14th of February should be a celebration
Of all the people in our life that we care for
Not just our significant other

I admit, at times, I’ve been pulled into the whirlwind of
“Oh I just have to have a date for Valentine’s”
The whirlwind that leaves those in it
Completely narrow minded and selfish

I wasn’t worried about being single this 14th though
I just recently ended a stressful relationship with someone,
If relationship is even the right word,
And I was feeling good about a relaxing holiday
With no built up expectations
…I must say this was the best Valentine’s to date

On the 13th Melanie and I drove to College Park to visit
Nothing very eventful went on
Jennie was visiting as well and
Some of Cary's friends were having people over
Most of the night was spent by me
Driving around drunk college students on a beer run
- Mostly screaming about how
We must find a restroom as soon as possible
Or how "Freshman Steve" was going to throw up at any minute

But it’s not as simple as that
The thing is
I got to spend my time with friends
With close friends
- Who love me
And don’t expect anything in return except my love
Maybe not even that

I got to spend the 14th at home too
With my parents and grandmother
It was just like any other night at home
Except for the fact that I could see how special these people are

It’s in those moments, when I get to step back
It’s the closest I can come
To an out of body experience, I suppose
I’m sure you’ve had one of these moments yourself
It’s one of those times
When you realize how wonderful something is
When you realize
This is one of those moments you’ll
Look back on some time, maybe years from now, and smile at
One of those moments
When everything seems to be flowing so slowly
Yet so fast
Because you wish it’d just stop for a second
And let you catch up
Or maybe stop so you can stay in it a little longer
It’s one of these moments on Valentine’s Day
That I realize this is exactly
What this holiday is and should be about


Jennie B. said...

So sweet! I love you!

Patty said...

Yes, that is very sweet.

Don't despair. You are young, and you have a whole life ahead of you.

I take to heart the lyrics in the Meatloaf song, "Never let a night like tonight go to waste..." And, "You'll never be any younger than you are right now..."

Enjoy each day, even the lonely days.

Patty said...

PS: You know I like that photo!!

Bill Doetzer said...

I like your style Dilla!!

PaintaPicture said...


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