Well, I called AmeriCorps yesterday to set up my phone interview.
It's scheduled for Wednesday, the 28th.
Apparently I'm going to be asked about
"work ethic", "diversity", and "working with a team".
I've been googling these all night so I can have some good answers.
Is that cheating?
Oh well.
So, hopefully I won't be here come Fall.
Fingers crossed.


PaintaPicture said...

For some reason I cant remember what it is called right now because I am so tired, but I thought about joining whatever the other one is called for four years before I decided I should prob go to college. More clarification later. Apologies.

Patty said...

Getting a job and keeping a job are two different things. Here are some things that will keep your job, no matter what you do.

Be yourself.

Don't let other people aggravate you.

Be dependable.

Be honest.

Always b willing to give more than you expect to receive (your rewards will come).

Never take your problems to work.


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